The importance of internal marketing in the company

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Marketing, let us not forget, is an essential element of overall coordination of a company for the orientation to the customer. It is not just the vision purely promotional from which you must address the marketing strategy, but from a much more global perspective, we identify the wishes of the market, going several steps beyond developing a message of sale.
On the other hand, and especially in the industry of IT companies, the customer is being constantly bombarded by information, offers, products and services. This barrage of information, by way of defense for not having to evaluate it and establish criteria and comparative once after another, is instinctively categorized and catalogd by our brain unconsciously. This cataloguing leads us to that, without realising, the perception that we have as a consumer is a complex compendium of scales and rankings in different categories of feelings, preaceptadas impressions and perceptions.

Until now, everything seems to us very naturally…. If we are thinking in a corporate strategy for positioning of my products or services with regard to the brand image that I want to convey to my customers. In the same way we are also natural if we are trying to study the market to establish a strategy for the definition of new products or services.

What I propose in this article, and not only aligned with the retention of talent, is to put a seed to believe that those who have some degree of responsibility for the companies for which we work, we need to design how to move to the rest of the employees or «employable» the idea of company, its strategy, its motivation, its objectives, its «brand» to be considered part of it, not only an exchange of talent and work for pay.

Marketing InternoSo why not spun both perspectives and consider that employees are also customers of the company? Why we do not think in the same terms of loyalty, positioning, product strategy, communication or mark that we use for consumers but applied to the benefits on the human capital of the organization? Explore how to apply the basic concepts of marketing in the chain of internal communication of the company.

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