Qualities to be good at management. Why any ranking convinces me?

(This article is a translation of a previous one written in spanish. If you prefer to read it in spanish, this is the original post)

We all have read countless articles about what capabilities are needed, must be improved, or those that provide you a competitive advantage to be a good manager. And probably you will not agree, or at least not entirely. Why? Is project management so complicated?
I’m going to try to break with those articles perspective, and not treat it as a “Decalogue Capacity”, but as a series of approaches that encourage us to identify more «simple» capabilities that are included within more general abilities or skills.

Back to the question. Why not convince me those lists of the “Top X” capabilities needed to be a good manager? I truly believe that certain simplicity in the approach and not seek the root, the truly differentiating capabilities. Consider for a moment that the absence of disruptive thinking, sometimes by staying at the obvious and sometimes by staying in what is commonly accepted as an axiom, could be the cause of not being fully satisfied with the approach presented to us. Does not it seem that simply exercise that are closer to the path to a better solution?

Accept a priori not find «the answer», but in any case a «best answer» to the question. And by the way, what question? Indeed, not so obvious answer. Being a good manager … IT projects, IT governance, data governance, work teams? The opportunity presented to us by the heterogeneity of contexts, rather than being exploited, suddenly becomes our weakness. We are facing a thought pattern that continually apply when trying to identify common trends and this time becomes a trap. We were just with the «greatest common divisor» of all terms of the equation. What is common, it should be necessary. In a way it is, but the difference between a necessary condition and sufficient condition is very large.

What we usually are going to find? Communication skills, empathy and organization are the classics. We also include technology training within the appropriate organizational level and a little tweaking, reach leadership, decision-making ability, teamwork and conflict resolution, motivation and negotiation. We have possibly the cocktail 90% of what we will find broadcast by the network. It is precisely that uniformity which has encouraged me to write this post. Do you want to follow reading?

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